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Welcome to Thrive Psychotherapy

We specialise in compassionate and effective psychological therapy. We offer you direct access to professionally trained and registered Clinical Psychologists, providing high quality assessment, and evidence based treatment.

We offer services for a wide range of common and complex problems including:

Anxiety Phobias
Depression Low Self-Esteem
Anger Medically Unexplained Health Problems
Obsessive or Intrusive Thoughts “Personality Disorders”
Compulsive or Unwanted Behaviours Hallucinations
Impaired Performance Nightmares
Past Trauma or Abuse Relationship Problems

Whatever your difficulties, we treat you as an individual, and work collaboratively with you to understand your problems within the unique context of your life. We work with you to develop your goals and think about the best way to help you move forward. Your treatment will be individually tailored to meet your needs in order to make and maintain the changes you seek.

Thrive Psychotherapy is one of a small but growing number of practices in the UK offering Experiential Dynamic Therapy. It is a treatment approach with a large and developing evidence base that has been attracting attention for its effectiveness with those that have not recovered using other treatment approaches, including medication, counselling, and the more regularly available psychological therapies.


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