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We offer assessments, written reports, psychotherapy, and workshops tailored to help you connect with yourself, others and your world.

Our specialised online resources, coming soon, will also support you to get the most out of therapy.



As Clinical Psychologists, we have been trained to assess for a wide range of psychological problems and to make recommendations regarding the most appropriate ...

Written Reports

If you require a written report, we can provide this. The fee for this will be in addition to any face-to-face meetings we have ...

Psychological Therapy

There is a vast array of therapeutic approaches. In the process of reviewing which approach is best, it is important to recognise that each ...

Experiential Dynamic Therapy

EDT is Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy. It is a form of psychotherapy whose aim is to enable you, in a reasonably short time, to change ...

Be Connected Workshops

These workshops are for everyone interested in emotions, health and maximising our effectiveness in how we live our lives. “The workshop was fabulous – I ...


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