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Experiential Dynamic Therapy

EDT is Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy. It is a form of psychotherapy whose aim is to enable you, in a reasonably short time, to change yourself for the better. You are helped to experience your emotions as fully as possible from within a therapist/patient relationship that is genuine, personal and respectful.  You can then come to understand the roots of your suffering and how this suffering is kept alive.  It then becomes possible to start healing and work towards becoming happier and more well-adjusted.

EDT sees feelings, emotions, impulses and desires as a deep and meaningful expression of who you are. It uses basic dynamic theory and concepts, but is open to integrate elements of other models to help the patient. It is rooted in the patient/therapist relationship.

Every practitioner of EDT eventually develops a unique style of treatment. Some clinicians have formalised their ways of working into distinct systems of psychotherapy.  These psychotherapeutic approaches all share the common features of being psychodynamic in orientation and emphasizing the promotion of healthy emotional experience to foster rapid, deep and lasting therapeutic change.

There is a substantial body of research demonstrating that EDT treatment is rapid and effective, with gains maintained and even enhanced at long-term follow-up.

The Experiential Dynamic Therapies share a number of characteristics. They are all:



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