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Our innate emotional systems are ancient systems as fundamental to our life and the way we have evolved as breathing, seeing and hearing.


Three systems have been helping animals since dinosaurs roamed the earth survive for 300 million years - SEEKING, RAGE and FEAR.  Four are more recent and play a role in helping mammals to survive and thrive - LUST, CARE, GRIEF, and PLAY.  They are all absolutely necessary for emotional wellbeing and resilience.  When these emotional systems are noticed, valued, balanced, and effectively and appropriately expressed, our ability to thrive and create a life worth living increases hugely.  With these changes, clarity, purpose and resilience increases and difficulties can be addressed and overcome as they arise. 




Meet Mo! We try to share the way that the emotional systems can be expressed in his posture and character, as well as using colour to show activation in the areas of the body involved.  Mo experiences all the different emotional systems, here there isn't a different characters for each system.  Human beings have the innate capacity to experience these emotional systems, whilst we may have learnt to favour some over others, they are all within us.  The emotional systems site is about sharing information about these and ideas about how to bring all your different emotional systems to life, in a way that helps to direct you according to your own internal compass, and to enable you to thrive.

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