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Dr Theresa White

BSc (Hons), DClinPsy, HCPC Reg
Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Thrive Associate

Theresa has worked in psychological health since 2000 and has worked with people of different ages and abilities including both physical and mental health challenges. She qualified as a Clinical Psychologist in 2007 and has worked in adult and older adult secondary care NHS mental health services and private practice since. She is a keen advocate of normalising mental health challenges, reducing stigma, and of helping people to reach their fullest potential.

In her NHS role Theresa helps design services that meet patient needs and supports staff groups to understand the psychological needs of service users. She offers teaching workshops, team building, and reflective practice groups for staff, as well as offering 1-1 therapy, therapeutic groups, and Neuropsychological assessments for NHS patients. Theresa has facilitated teaching for both Coventry and Warwick and Leicester Clinical Psychology Doctorate programmes and offered training placements for Trainee Clinical Psychologists from Oxford and Leicester Clinical Psychology Doctorate programmes, as well as adaptation period placements for international Psychologists wishing to register with the Health Care Professionals Council in the UK.

Areas of expertise

Therapies offered

Theresa works in an integrative way: drawing on a number of evidenced based therapeutic models to help people to find relief and move forward with their goals. Theresa works to find the best fit for her clients in terms of her approach, and has training in a number of models including: Experiential Dynamic Therapy, Schema Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Compassion focused therapy, and Gestalt Therapy.

Theresa is currently engaging in additional post-doctorate training to become an accredited Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapist. EDT is an advanced therapeutic model. Aiming beyond symptom reduction, the therapist sees you as a whole person and is highly committed, present, and attuned with you moment-to-moment. You will be supported and encouraged to challenge yourself, with compassion and respect and encouraged to work within your capacity to achieve the changes you want, at a pace that suits you. Experiential Dynamic Therapy is an approach that focuses on more than just symptom reduction and helps people to create lasting, meaningful changes in their lives.

My approach to working with you

“I consider your emotional wellbeing to be as important as your physical wellbeing because the two are intrinsically entwined: that which causes you emotional pain, is likely to also cause you physical ailments, and relational difficulties, if not healed. Therefore, I am passionate about offering you a space to explore the links between your symptoms, emotions, and experiences so that you can understand yourself fully and, from that place, make informed decisions that will enable you to live the life you desire.

The ways in which we cope with adversity, which includes the many ways in which we suppress and avoid our own emotional responses, whilst protective and often necessary at the time, can become barriers to us living the life we desire and maintain our suffering. In therapy I offer to work with you, in a genuinely warm and collaborative relationship to make sense of your past and present and feel empowered to make changes for your future. My aim is for you to be able to live authentically with yourself and others and to reach your full potential.”


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