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Be Connected Workshops

These workshops are for everyone interested in emotions, health and maximising our effectiveness in how we live our lives.

“The workshop was fabulous – I left buzzing.  Learnt so much about myself and emotions – both in myself and spotting them in others.  I feel like I’m living in the moment more, being a better mum and just enjoying being me.  So many unexpected changes – I think so many people would benefit from this opportunity!”   

Our love of connection has created an intricately connected world in ways we’d never imagine.  And yet in so many ways, we have never been so disconnected

If you want to learn more about yourself and your emotions, live more in the moment and build better relationships with the people around you these workshops are for you.

Be Connected workshops are designed to increase your knowledge and skills, and to give you the opportunity to be connected with yourself and others.   It might sound unusual – because it is! Rarely do we have ‘being connected’ as our main aim in our activities, yet it drives and influences us more intensely than anything else.  A sense of connection can be present in any situation but it can also be absent.  And if it is repeatedly missing just when we need it most, difficulties can occur.

We yearn for connection and we can feel weary or scared of it.  In Be Connected workshops, we use cutting-edge knowledge of emotional systems, mindfulness and body-based approaches to ensure that we connect with ourselves and others safely and authentically, with playfulness and curiosity.

This is a unique opportunity to build connection, and we also set the scene for you to build up your other emotional systems too.  Together the experience should enhance your energy and vitality, and stimulate your mind!


Tuesday evenings 6-8pm –   6th March, 24th April, 29th May 2018 Book Here

Friday afternoons, 1-3pm –  23rd March, 11th May, 8th June 2018 Book Here


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