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We are a group of highly trained clinical psychologists, with expertise in assessment and treatment of common and severe mental health problems, and moreover in creating deep connection with those we work with.


At Thrive we create opportunities for profound connection.

We help you thrive by encouraging you to fully access the extraordinary uniqueness of you and your emotional systems.

We work together as you explore, create safeness, assert, connect, care, play and feel good.  These seven basic emotional systems are key.   If you can feel and enact these in ways that align with your values, you can thrive.

Beyond diagnosis

Do you want to move forwards with dignity and strength?

We do this by seeing beyond diagnosis, to you as a whole person.

Diagnoses in mental health are based on symptoms, behaviours or experiences identified by professionals at a specific time-point.  Some can find this helpful and some can find this hindering.  Unlike physical health, diagnoses in ‘mental health’ are less likely to be based on cause.

At Thrive PPP we are mindful of cause and what interventions will lead you forward, with you at the helm and with us right next to you.  So whatever the diagnoses you may have been given in the past, we see you as a person first and foremost, and we connect with you on this level, not symptoms or labels.


Beyond models

Do you want to be treated in a way that is right for you, not a textbook?

We do this by going beyond all the models of therapy we have learnt, to connect person to person, heart to heart.  Using our expertise to show you a route to connect despite barriers.

Psychologists and psychotherapists are always trained in specific models of treatment, from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to EMDR to, the model we all have a background in at Thrive, EDT (Experiential Dynamic Therapy).  The evidence is that whilst adhering to a model can influence the outcome, the person of the client and the person of the therapist has a much more significant influence.  So we aim high for an authentic, attuned connection, whilst helping you honour and express your emotions, your narrative and regulating your anxiety.  We are also passionate about getting feedback from you every step of the way.  This combination has the best chance overall of gaining good outcomes.


Beyond talking the talk

Do you want to build strength in body and mind, using the wisdom of the body and the capability of your mind?

We don’t expect you to always know in words what is going on, what the problem is or what the solution is.  Sometimes we know but when we don’t, our work goes beyond words to the wisdom of the body, helping integrate all parts of you.

Talking therapies help, but bodywork complements therapy significantly especially when there are barriers that may come up time and time again in our life.   We want to change but find that changes we make are short-lived; we talk the talk but struggle to walk the walk.  Using feedback from your body… for instance, where you hold your pain, how you hold yourself, or how you hold back or fiddle when asked specific questions, can give you insight into more of yourself than your thoughts or words can give you alone.  It’s a rich journey into your emotional truth to the best of you, and we will be honoured to join you along the way.

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Our vision:

Helping people change with life changing therapy.

Our purpose:

To bring the most passionate and dedicated therapists to work with people who need their help. Fostering deep, lasting change as rapidly as possible, and delivering therapeutic work that facilitates personal growth beyond the ending of therapy.

At Thrive PPP we support our therapists to take the position of the eternal learner, always curious to learn even more about the most effective ways to help those who are struggling with emotional distress. We strive for excellence to enable you to thrive, but we can only do this in an equal and connected relationship with you.

To provide our clinicians with the support and training they need to thrive whilst helping others to heal and thrive. To dedicate ourselves to effectively use clinical data and feedback to continually adapt and improve our service.

Our values:

To care, to connect, to learn, and to be effective.

British Psychological Society (BPS)

Clinical Psychologists - BPSWe are Chartered members of British Psychological Society (BPS). ‘Chartered’ refers to the level of membership awarded by the BPS. It reflects the society’s gold standard in terms of psychological knowledge, expertise and commitment to ethical standards of practice. Chartered members are listed on the BPS website (click logo).

Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)

We are registered as Clinical Psychologists, which is a legally protected title requiring registration with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). This ensures that those using this title have completed the correct training and meet the required standards. To remain on the register, professionals are required to keep their skills and knowledge up to date through continued professional development. Registered professionals are listed on the HCPC website (click logo).


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