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Thrive specialises in compassionate and effective psychotherapy, using evidence based methods. We offer psychological therapy, assessment and psychoeducation.  With web based resources and workshops, face to face and skype therapy, we have options that can work with your situation.


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For Health Professionals we also offer core psychological therapy training, courses, workshops, supervision and consultation. 


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Our training courses are accredited by the IEDTA and our practitioners are registered with the HCPC and BPS.

Getting Back to Emotional Health

When you have experienced trauma, bereavement, chronic ill health or relationship difficulties you need to look after your emotional health even more than usual.  Unfortunately, it can be harder to find effective ways to support emotional wellbeing after these experiences.

Our focus is on more than a short term reduction of your symptoms or difficulties.  We will work with you to support you to gain full access to your emotional systems, as well as the energy and direction they can give you.  This dynamic and effective way of working not only improves mental health but it also prevents relapse.

Director and Clinical Lead, Jessica Bolton, and all associates of Thrive are clinical psychologists.  We have been through accredited training courses and are regulated and chartered by:

Evidence Based Psychological Therapy

Thrive's psychologists have been trained in a range of evidence based psychological therapies, using scientific methods to intervene and improve health and wellbeing.  We are one of a small but growing number of practices in the UK offering Experiential Dynamic Therapy, a treatment approach with a large evidence base.  This approach has been found to work with a wide variety of difficulties and often of interest is how effective it is for those who have not recovered using other treatment approaches, including medication, counselling and other psychological therapies (i.e. CBT, EMDR).

Emotional Systems


This site is about our services and how to access them.  We also want to share information about our innate emotional systems which are ancient systems as fundamental to our life and evolution as breathing, seeing and hearing.

Three systems have been helping animals from dinosaurs to humans, survive for 300 million years - SEEKING, RAGE and FEAR.  Four are more recent and play a role in helping mammals to survive and thrive - CARE, GRIEF, PLAY and LUST.  They are all absolutely necessary for emotional wellbeing and resilience.  When these emotional systems are noticed, valued, balanced, and effectively and appropriately expressed,  your ability to thrive and create a life worth living increases hugely, and with these changes, clarity, purpose and resilience increases and difficulties can be addressed and overcome as they arise.  Click here for access to this site.

Our Training Site for Professionals and Trainees


Thrive associates also provide training for organisations and individuals within health and social care organisations who support clients.  If you are professional wanting access to training please access our training website (currently being built) or email for further information.

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